About Me

As a child I loved creating things, and did a lot of doodling. I made clothes for my Dolls from remnant fabric on my mothers old Singer Sewing machine and later I started to make outfits to wear at school.  This love of fashion and design has always stayed with me and has become an integral part of building this consciously-focused fashion brand.


I create my own designs for Terre Amoure using material that is painstakingly sourced from mainly local suppliers and artisans.

Having a more sustainable brand that is equitable, reliable and  transparently sourced is very important to me.  I aim to run my business in an ethical and responsible way and always work with suppliers of low impact material and stakeholders  who uphold the same standards I hold to myself.  I do this by visiting or communicating with them on a regular basis to ensure we are in alignment.

Material Source

I only source from suppliers where workers are treated ethically and fairly and your garments are made from sumptuous, natural materials and fibres such as linen, hemp, peace silk and certified cotton. Not only do these material look high quality, they are healthier and feel wonderful against the skin. Natural fabrics are breathable and help to regulate the body temperature.  This adds to the comfort of wearing a TA piece.

Dead Stock Fabric

End–of–the–line materials used are usually sourced from fashion designers’ surplus stock.  Consequently, the pieces made are limited in number so when they are sold they are gone for good.  Therefore they are one of a kind and there is little danger of  seeing someone else in the same outfit.

Made in London

TA pieces are produced locally which reduces the carbon footprint of transportation and will appeal to those who prefer quality pieces made in Britain.

Slow Fashion

Only a small number of pieces for each season are made to prevent  unnecessary excess and waste.  In consequence only a limited number of items are available. This makes each item rare and special and it is very unlikely that you will see another item like a TA piece anywhere else.


TA is committed to reducing waste. Items are delivered in handmade reusable bags I make up from beautiful remnant fabric to decrease the use of plastic and paper and so there is no need to throw away the packaging when you receive your item.

Quality fashion should not exclusively belong to the select few; it should be available and affordable to everyone. We inhabit the earth and have a responsibility, if we love it, to look after it.

Working with  the Centre for Social Justice 

TA works with a social justice organisation that tackles the root causes of Poverty. For every sale that is made10% is donated to CSJ ( Centre for Social Justice)



Monique x